Running PlanePlotter under Linux


Using VirtualBox


(Notes from Steve Tickle - from these PlanePlotter Yahoo group messages: message1 and message2)


Right, well to be honest was a complete novice at this can't remember every step I took but I just followed the manual.  I'm sure you'll be OK if you do the same but here's a couple of things to look out for which may save you a bit of time later.

In VirtualBox you add such things as USB devices on an individual basis so if you want to feed PlanePlotter via the RTL Dongle, you have to have it plugged in and add it to the list of USB devices, again under Settings.  I'm sure there must be more but the big sticking point for me was having not installed Guest Additions.  I think you can't add any USB devices until you've done this.


USB throughput caveat


You can expect the USB throughput to be a little less than would be the case normally because of the latency introduced by the virtual machine.  I run RTL1090 and an RTL dongle and while this reduces the off-air message rate into PP, it doesn't affect the range or anything else.  I'm more than happy with the setup.  I also run a relatively modestly specified laptop and this effect would likely be reduced on better specified models.