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How to start automatically when the desktop link clicked


To make Plane Plotter run automatically without needing to press the green start button, when you click the short cut on your desktop, change the Target Properties of the short-cut from:






  C:\Tools\COAA\PlanePlotter\PlanePlotter.exe /start

You can make the same alteration to the Start Menu short-cut as well.  If you installed into a directory with spaces in the name (and please, not into Program Files), you need to keep the quotation marks only around the file name:


  "C:\Tools\COAA\Plane Plotter\PlanePlotter.exe" /start


How to start Plane Plotter when you log in (or start the PC if you don't need to log in).


Follow the method given on this Web page.  For the short-cut, use:


  Target: C:\Tools\COAA\PlanePlotter\PlanePlotter.exe /start
  Start in:  C:\Tools\COAA\PlanePlotter

How to log in to your PC automatically


See: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/make-windows-vista-log-on-automatically/


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