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Using Flags in Plane Plotter


This document is intended as a very basic guide, and is complemented by the details given in Tim Quine's PDF document "Flags in PlanePlotter" which can be found in the Plane Plotter Yahoo group Files area.


1 - Download a set of flag images

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/planeplotter/files/flags/
Or: http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/SBS/Utilities/Kinetic_Utilities4_Bitmaps.htm


2 - Create a new directory in your Plane Plotter tree


For example: C:\Tools\COAA\PlanePlotter\Flags\


3 - Download (or create) the file flags.txt which lists the flag image files you have just downloaded


The file should be downloaded to your main Plane Plotter directory: C:\Tools\COAA\PlanePlotter\Flags\
This file will contain lines such as:


004000 0043FF C:\Program Files\COAA\PlanePlotter\BMPFlags\Zimbabwe.bmp
006000 006FFF C:\Program Files\COAA\PlanePlotter\BMPFlags\Mozambique.bmp


4 - Edit the locations


However, if you have downloaded the flags.txt file the directory entries will most likely be wrong.  Open the file with Notepad, and use the Edit, Replace... function (Ctrl-H).  Using the example above:


Find what:       C:\Program Files\COAA\PlanePlotter\BMPFlags\

Replace with:   C:\Tools\COAA\PlanePlotter\Flags\


Click:  Replace All


5 - Tell Plane Plotter where the flags.txt file lives


In Plane Plotter: Options, Flags, Define.  Navigate to the flags.txt you just edited.


6 - Showing the flags


In Plane Plotter, open the Aircraft View (View, Aircraft list, or click on the aircraft toolbar button), and your flags should be displayed.  You can alter the field order with the View, Aircraft data window, Setup data window layout dialog.


Want to know more?


See Tim Quine's PDF document "Flags in PlanePlotter" which can be found in the Plane Plotter Yahoo group Files area.


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