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Chart symbols and colours

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Chart symbols and their colours



This symbol is used if the heading is known either because it was part of the information in one message or derived from several consecutive messages that contained a position.

Colour of the Aircraft nose

  • Brown aircraft is currently known to be descending
  • Pale Blue aircraft is currently known to be climbing



Position estimate based on Mlat result.



This symbol is used to indicate a position in general terms.

Point up is used for an aircraft position.

Point down is used for Waypoints.



  • Red          Position based on ACARS message.
  • Yellow       Position based on real time Mode-S/ADS-B message.
  • Orange     Position based on delayed or expiring Mode-S/ADS-B message.
  • Cyan        Position based on HFDL message.
  • Blue         Next intended waypoint.
  • Green       Previous position based on ACARS AMDAR (weather) report.
  • Magenta   Waypoints based on ACARS flight plan message.
  • White       Position based on Mlat result.


The colour of the symbol is based on the first message with a position that was received for this aircraft.

e.g. if the first position was based on an ACARS message and subsequently Mode-S messages where received, the symbol colour will stay red.


More on customising the display


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