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Using the Save and Load feature

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Using the Save and Load Configuration feature


This is one of the most often misunderstood features of PlanePlotter.  Let me try and explain what it's all about...


Example 1 - two multi-chart regions


Let's assume that your main areas of interest are (1) your local airspace, and (2) air traffic in the area around another part of the world.  Now, wouldn't it be nice if you could organize your PP screen so that, with just two clicks of a button, you can switch between those two areas.  It can be done, quite easily and completely painlessly.  Here's how....


Save the relevant charts for your local area using the "Options...Chart..Quick-chart...define" routine. You can have a maximum of 10 charts per configuration. Once you have all your charts organised, click on the FILE button and navigate to the SAVE CONFIGURATION menu.  This will bring up four options, unsurprisingly labelled A, B, C and D.  Select which one you want and click that particular letter. Let's assume it's configuration A.  So far so good; that's your first configuration taken care of.  You can now repeat the operation using charts from a different area of the world and save them as before, but click on "Save Configuration B" (or whatever letter takes your fancy) instead of A.


Note that whatever user-selectable options you have selected in the Chart Settings, I/O, and/or "ALERT ON" boxes will be saved whenever you save a configuration.  That's what it's supposed to do. That's why it's called CONFIGURATION


Example 2 - alerts


You have set an alert for a particular registration in Configuration A, and you receive an alert for that registration.  Now, if you go to the Chart Settings window, navigate to the ALERT ON window and remove the registration (as you presumably no longer need to be alerted to it), you will need to SAVE THE NEW CONFIGURATION as Config-A, otherwise that registration will still be there if you just "LOAD CONFIG A" again.  Like most things in life, It's easier to do it than to explain it!


Example 3 - alteration of 'Omit Aircraft after....' time


If you are using, let's say, config-B with an 'Omit aircraft after' time of 15 mins and you wish to change the time to 20 mins, you will firstly need to alter the time (Options....chart....options) and then you will need to SAVE CONFIG B again otherwise PP will still show 15 mins the next time you LOAD B.


Remember the important bit: any changes made while using a configuration must be saved otherwise Plane Plotter will revert to the previous state for that particular configuration when that configuration is next selected.


If in doubt....READ THE HELP FILES, check the message archives and if all that fails, then ASK in the Plane Plotter Yahoo group!

[Many thanks to Dick Ware for the information above]



Side effects on registration


See: Serial numbers and registration

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