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Serial numbers and registration

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How do I register Plane Plotter?


You can register Plane Plotter online here.  You will need the serial number of your installation.  At the time of writing, it costs just €25 + EU tax.



I bought Plane Plotter but it's now telling me that my trial is over!


Bev wrote in the PlanePlotter Yahoo group:


  • If the serial number has changed (eg was PP12345 becomes PP54321) then it means that you have changed something in the machine that makes it look like another machine.  Things that will change the serial number include the log in user name, the registered user, the registered owner, the user privileges, the computer network name, the operating system version numbers.  If things like those change, then the program will think it is on another machine and it will generate a different serial number.


  • If the serial number stays the same but it forgets that you are registered, then the problem is either that your registration number is not being stored because you have insufficient privileges or you are using Load..configuration to restore a bunch of settings that were saved before you registered.  The settings that you retrieve include the registration state so it will go back to unregistered if you do that.



How do I register again if I change my PC?


Watch this video which Bev has provided.



What is my serial number?


Use the Help, About menu to display your registration number and share code.  You will get a line like:


   PlanePlotter version 5.4.6 - Registered {1234} qq


The number inside the curly brackets {1234} is your serial number, and should be used when requesting additional licences (enter it as PP1234).  "qq" is your share code, which appears as "*q" on your chart display.  Note that others see your full code - "qq" - but your own aircraft show as "*q" on your own display - that's "star" or "asterisk" replacing the first character of your share code.



Side effects of the Save and Load Restore Point feature (ABCD buttons) on registration


Because Save Restore Point (previously Save Configuration) saves your entire settings - including your registration key - people can get into the confusing state of being registered one day, and then on day 56 of their 21-day trial the next.


To avoid this, please be sure to enter you registration key before using the save and load settings functions.

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