Positionless data


John Locker has kindly provided this animation showing MyCircles and SharerCircles at work.  There are also a couple of screen-shots showing the overlay provided by MLat - these are the blue hyperbolae.


John writes:


As the concept of MyCircles and Sharer circles may be a bit confusing to newer PP users I have put a short animation here which shows the interaction between Sharers / Ground Stations and the circles that represent their  coverage areas.

Where the circles overlap [ Venn area ]  should in theory represent the general area within which the target should be.  Sharer circles, followed by Curts excellent MyCircles add on were the forerunner of Mlat.


The Plane Plotter help file explains how to set up Sharer Circles and Curt's "MyCircles"  contains a step by step readme / set up file.