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Google Earth

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Normal View


  • Firstly, make sure that you have aircraft visible on your View..Chart screen.   If not, fix that first.


  • Then, with PP processing temporarily halted, select Options..I/O settings and enable the option "Google Earth server" with port numbers 4180 and 4181.  Resume processing in PP.


  • Open Google-Earth and select File..Open and navigate to the directory where the Plane Plotter application is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\COAA\PlanePlotter).  Choose the "google-aircraft.kml" file and the aircraft that are showing on PP should now also be showing on G-E.


Please note that if you have too many aircraft showing - more than a few score - Plane Plotter will respectfully decline to generate any KML data out of the port.  Be more modest in your expectations.  You can tell how many by looking at the Message Counter panel in the status bar.  See: "What are the four numbers on the right-hand side of the status bar?" in Customising the display



(From a post by Bev on the Plane Plotter Yahoo group).



Cockpit View


First you need to enable the Google Earth server in Plane Plotter:


  • If you are processing, stop PP processing (black square)
  • Plane Plotter -> Options -> I/O settings
  • Enable the Google-Earth Server option and make sure the ports are still 4180 and 4181.
  • Start PP processing (green button).


To use Google Earth for a particular aircraft:


  • Select the aircraft.
  • Right click on it, and check the Cockpit View option for that aircraft.
  • Click OK.
  • Start Google Earth.
  • Select File..Open and navigate to the Plane Plotter application directory
  • Open the file called google_4_cockpit.kml


Google Earth will position the view to the location and altitude of the selected aircraft "looking over the pilot's shoulder".


(From a post by Bev on the Plane Plotter Yahoo group).




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