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Plane Plotter Wiki - helping you with a great program!


This Wiki is designed to help you with Bev's great Plane Plotter program.  To answer your first question - yes, you must register to access the shared data!   The Wiki is to help you, and welcomes your input.  Authors are wanted here!  See if some of the other topics further down the page help with your other questions.  If something isn't covered, please ask in the Plane Plotter Groups.io group

Want to see Plane Plotter in action? - take a look here!


The latest Hints and Tips from Bev (Plane Plotter author).


Installing Plane Plotter - FAQ


You can download Plane Plotter here, save it to your PC, and just double-click the .exe file you downloaded to install it.  Simple, eh?  Before your trial period expires, be sure to register the program here.


  • Do I have to pay twice if I install a second copy of PP on another computer at home?  No, for one individual user just register the extra copy by completing the form here, using same name and e-mail address, and the serial number for your second PC. See this video to find out more.  But if that copy is for a second person, they must pay for their registration using their own name and e-mail address.
    However, please note: The rule is that you can have a second copy of Plane Plotter, but this should be used as back up or on an occasional basis.  Running it permanently along side your main sharing instance is frowned upon ..... and outside the terms of fair use.  Please contact Bev if you have a special requirement.  You can use the Remote Control facility documented in the Plane Plotter Help, or a program such as VNC or TeamViewer to view one PC from another.
  • Do I need to pay again if I upgrade?  No.
  • I upgraded my PC and now I need a new key.  Register the new PC by completing the form here, using same name and e-mail address as when you first paid for Plane Plotter, and the serial number for your new PC.  You will have to authenticate again.  More information.
  • Can I copy the settings from my old PC?  If you are comfortable with the registry, copy the Plane Plotter entry in the registry from the old installation to the new installation.  You will still need to change the registration number and the authentication code for the new installation and if the directory structure is different, you will need to change those entries under Options..Directories. More information from Bev, COAA.
  • I paid for the program, but now its says I'm back on the trial!  Why?  Serial numbers and registration.
  • No e-mails received.  I paid but didn't get a serial number, or I didn't get the authentication number.  A possibility is that the e-mail has gone into your spam in-box.  Check in there and if it has, re-assign it as not spam.  If it's a registration e-mail which is missing, check that you stated your e-mail address correctly!
  • Accurate timekeeping is required for Plane Plotter, so please install NTP.   Full details are here.
  • Is installation on Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10 any different?  There are some hints here.
  • Windows update rebooted my computer, and now Plane Plotter won't start.  Ensure that there are no running instances of Plane Plotter using the Task Manager, and kill them if there are.  Then try running the file ppregfix (ppregfix.reg) which is in the directory where Plane Plotter was installed.
  • There is a new version out.  You can download it here.  Do I need to uninstall my present version first before installing the new?  No, you can just install the new version on top of the old, but you may need to tell your Firewall [e.g. Zone Alarm] that the version number of the program has changed to restore shared-server connectivity.  Be sure to stop processing, and close down Plane Plotter with the File, Exit menu or click the "X" icon at the top right before running the e.g. planeplotter6_4_1_4.exe which you downloaded from the Web site and saved to your hard disk.
    Here is Nic Storey's video on How to upgrade Plane Plotter: video.
  • How do I know there is a new version?  Two steps: first register with  http://www.watchthatpage.com/, then add https://www.coaa.co.uk/planeplotter.htm to your watched pages list.  Easy!
  • There is no need to install all the updates in sequence if you missed a previous version, just install the current version.
  • Nic Storey's video: How to set up Plane Plotter for the Mode-S Beast: video.
  • How to make Plane Plotter start automatically, and start when you log in.
  • Installing PlanePlotter with a virtual PC under Linux.
  • Using the dump1090 program to feed data from a Raspberry Pi and TV dongle receiver.


Using Plane Plotter



Some great Add-ons for Plane Plotter


  • AirportAlert from the late W. Curt Deegan - monitors plane origination/destination routes for any Airport Codes on a user defined list and issues an alert when received, and watches for emergency squawk codes and issue descriptive message - see the Groups.io Files area.
  • AutoZoom from the late W. Curt Deegan - automates zoom/pan to planes designated through Plane Plotter by the user or by Find Flight in its automatic modes - see the Groups.io Files area.
  • Combi Plotter - provides you with a low-overhead means of displaying the aircraft data known to Plane Plotter on another chart view. It will plot simultaneous data from Ship Plotter, Plane Plotter, Orbcomm Plotter and Sonde Monitor on a single chart.
  • Find Flight from the late W. Curt Deegan - allows look-ups of multiple databases when an aircraft is selected by double-clicking - see the Groups.io Files area.
  • MyCircles from the late W. Curt Deegan - a tool for determining Plane Plotter sharer range circle scale factors.  It steps through the Plane Plotter aircraft list displaying the sharer range circles for each.  Includes multiple share code support, circle labels, dynamic analysis, scanning for designated planes, sharer Locate function, sharer status display, aircraft selection by share code, sharer info display, and enhanced GPX waypoint support.  Now with experimental positionless tracking. - see the Groups.io Files area.  Screen-shot of MyCircles at work.
  • MyView from Al Stepney, will allow you the ability to add or remove .gpx and .out files easily, via a separate window.  Please see the included MyViewHelp.pdf in zip for info. Download here.
  • Plane Plotter Report - David Taylor's compilation of programs and a command-script to produce daily logs from the Plane Plotter daily reports database.  Has been extended by Dave Giffney to enhance the format and provide a Web output.  See: Plane Plotter Report.
  • PlanePlotter Report Viewer - Nic Storey's add-on if selected PlanePlotter can create a daily sqb database of flights picked up by your mode S receiver. This program allows you to view and email logs created from PlanePlotters daily database. http://nicstorey.co.uk/planeplotter/PlanePlotter%20Report%20Viewer 
  • PP2GM from the late W. Curt Deegan - shows your Plane Plotter aircraft on a Google Map display. - see the Groups.io Files area.
  • PPDataGrid by Keith Tallent - requires .Net Framework 3.5SP1 and Plane Plotter or later. This add-on is an interactive data grid that runs alongside Plane Plotter. Clicking on either the data grid rows or Plane Plotter screen highlights aircraft in both applications. PPDataGrid enables sorting of columns and and filtering of aircraft data. Drag the columns to required position, choose columns to be displayed, double click on an aircraft entry to zoom in on that aircraft in the Plane Plotter view. Also enables additional Aircraft Images, Operator Logos, Country Flags, Climb and Descent indicators - see the Groups.io Files area or use the web based installer here.
  • PP Details by Ian Hubbard  - PPDetails is a very simple Plane Plotter add-on to view quickly: modes, registration, flight number, squawk, route, aircraft type, altitude and two pictures of the selected plane.  It also has the ability to open multiple windows compared to standard Plane Plotter right-click.  Download here.
  • PP Outline Navigator by Keith Tallent - a simple one click navigation toolbox that enables you to pan, zoom save and restore in Outline or Chart View with just one click - see the Groups.io Files area.
  • PPZoom from the late W. Curt Deegan - allows defining all ten Plane Plotter Quick Charts as chart or outline views, and retains zoom and position while switching between the Quick Charts - see the Groups.io Files area.
  • TellMe from the late W. Curt Deegan - runs unattended, matching user defined search patterns against aircraft known to Plane Plotter and issues alerts when a match is found. Matches can be on any of the 19 different aircraft details Plane Plotter provides.  Regular Expressions are used for alert definitions ranging from simple to sophisticated.  A daily log of alerts issued is maintained. Includes viewer/editor functions and RegEx definition testing script.  Now with Email notification - see the Groups.io Files area.


Many thanks to the folk who spend their own free time to write these add-ons and then offer them free-of-charge.  One or other of these add-ons will enhance your enjoyment of the program.


Cscript or Wscript - that is the question!


Within Windows, there are two commands which can run scripts (files with the .VBS extension) such as certain of the the add-ons above.  These two commands are named cscript and wscript, but function slightly differently.  For example, one user was having problems with a script opening in wscript by default, and giving an error  "ActiveX component can't create object : 'GetObject' Code 800A01AD".  To run the script correctly he needed to type, from a command prompt:


 cscript  C:\Tools\PlanePlotter\PGR.vbs


You can switch the default between cscript and wscript as described here.


Routine maintenance of Plane Plotter


You may want to purge the log files produced when you are using Plane Plotter with a data source like an SBS-1/BaseStation.  David Taylor has written a free, unsupported (but very widely used) program named TrimTree which can do this for you.

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