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Updating your PC

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Notes from Bev on updating to a new PC


See message:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/planeplotter/conversations/messages/136023


Getting the current settings


You can copy over the settings as follows.  Windows..Start..Run..Regedit  Navigate to


and highlight "PlanePlotter".  Select File..Export and choose a location and filename that you can remember.

Close Regedit


Copying the settings to your new PC


Copy the .REG (dot reg) file that you just created, to the new machine.  On the new machine double click on the .REG file to install the old
settings in the registry.  There will be warnings while you are doing this.


Registering your new PC

When you run PP on the new machine, you will need to follow the registration and authentication procedure to generate a new registration
number and authentication code because the new machine will have a different fingerprint and therefore a different serial number. 


Updating your directories and receiver type


You will also want to copy over the contents of the chart directory so that your charts are available on the new machine.


Depending on the directory structure that you use on the new machine, you will probably have to select PlanePlotter..Options..Directories to
change the directory paths to whatever you choose on the new machine.


Depending on the receiver you are using and how it is connected, there may be port numbers or IP addresses to update to connect PlanePlotter to
the receiver on the new system.

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