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In alphabetical order:



See: http://airspy.com/quickstart/


DVB-T dongle



RTL stick with stable frequency (for narrow-band applications, e.g. VDL mode 2): RTL-SDR USB stick

RTL stick with 1090 MHz pre-amp built in: FlightAware Pro Stick USB ADS-B Receiver


On a Windows PC

- see: RTL1090

Start with the RTL1090 software, but be sure to update to dump1090 for greatest capability.


On a Raspberry Pi

- see: http://www.satsignal.eu/raspberry-pi/dump1090.html




Both USB and TCP/IP versions available.  See: http://www.microadsb.com/


Mode-S Beast


See: http://www.modesbeast.com/




See: http://www.airnavsystems.com/radarbox/

Unable to provide data for Mlat




See: http://www.modesbeast.com/


SBS-1/2/3 & 1090 Puck


See: http://www.kinetic.co.uk/




See: http://sdrplay.com/platforms.html

For Windows: http://sdrplay.com/windows.html


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