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Hints and Tips

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With the sudden rush of Win 10 updates that change the fingerprint that PlanePlotter uses to generate the serial number, I am getting a surprising number of messages along the lines of "Help - my registration number doesn't work any more!"
If an update changes the serial number, simply follow the registration procedure using the new serial number (PP....) to generate the new registration number and then, when that is done, follow the authentication procedure to generate the new authentication code.  If you write to me about it, I will just tell you that anyway, and you will have to wait until I am up and about to reply to you, when you could be back in operation in a couple of minutes if you just did it.

Ground Station validation


John and David handle most of these but we would all appreciate it if you could make sure that the system passes all the tests in Help..Test networking..Check GS/MU status before you ask for it to be validated.  If you don't, then we will simply ask you to run the check and fix the problem before asking again so in this case too, it will save you sending emails and waiting for a response if you just make sure the system is passing all the tests before you ask.  A surprising number of people ask for validation and then turn the system off.  It is supposed to be on round the clock and we certainly cannot test it unless it is up and running.  Please, if you ask for validation, leave the system running.

Port forwarding

This generates quite a lot of work because the technique is different for each type of router.  Common problems include using the wrong LAN IP address (they do change on some systems), using the wrong protocol (just UDP is fine) and entering the details twice (most routers don't forward packets if there are two definitions for the same port number).  Recent versions of PlanePlotter can trigger the UPnP setting on a connected router but that will only work if you enable the UPnP option in the router setup.  Some default to UPnp on but some default to UPnP off.  If you are a chronic port forwarding failure user, please consider enabling UPnP in the router setup so that it will be done for you.

PC clock

A surprising number of users cannot keep their PC clocks correct.  The maximum tolerance is 2 seconds and it is so easy to keep the PC clock within those limits by installing NTP.  David T has an excellent tutorial on setting it up and it only takes a few minutes to do it.



(from a post by Bev on the Plane Plotter Yahoo group)

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